About me

In Philippo’s career there has been a variety of styles but nothing has does sound as fresh and juicy as his breakbeat. This is the style he now does focus on. As Philippo says, breakbeat does provide him a great challange because of the diversity of styles. It is this that caught the attention of UDC. Philippo did send them a demo and as a result he now features on the mainstage of Dance Valley to warm up the audience for the living legend: The Prodigy.

Through House, Hardcore, Mellow and Thechno Philippo finds himself in a musical impassion. It was during a radioshow of Annie Nightingale (Thursdays BBC) when he realized that breakbeat is THE style for him. With full attention he stayed tuned as she played the most wonderfull beats. Breakbeat has got it all: ups, downs and a huge scale of variety. Everything you can wish for in music.

At a young age Philippo did start to mix. During schoolpartys he was responsable for the music using nothing more than a cassetplayer and a ragged old speaker. At his 18th he was working as a DJ in a local bar-dancing in Amersfoort. It is there where he did learn how to play the audience. Philippo has been influenced by DJ’s as Adam Freeland, Rennie Pilgrem and Armand van Helden. DJ’s know for there diversity in music. It is this that Philippo does have in mind spinning his breaks. It offers him a great challenge as it is more complex to mix than House because of the huge scale of beats. To label his style? Progressive breaks with a hint of underground-rock.